The Global Water Challenges for 2019


Less than one percent of the world’s water is potable and accessible for human consumption. While the Earth is covered in water, much of it is sea water and high in saline, which makes it unfit for drinking. As the population rises and the Earth faces higher temperatures, humans are going to face an ever-dwindling supply of water available for drinking. In 2019, the trend for contaminated water in our pipes will continue. Water quality test labs should be able to detect if your water has been affected by any of the following.

Microorganisms and Algae

If your local water supply comes from a lake or other natural body of water, it could be contaminated by microorganisms or algae. In the early summer of 2018, Salem, OR, issued a water advisory because of an algae bloom in its Detroit Lake Reservoir, and a second time, because of contaminants found in North Santiam River. At risk populations were advised not to drink the water which was contaminated with a low-level of cyanotoxins.

Naturally Occurring Radiation

While about 170 million Americans are exposed to radiation through their tap water, the problem is the worst in Texas. Doctors believe there’s no safe level of exposure to radiation, so radioactive tap water should be a concern, especially if that’s your main source of drinking water. Most of the radiation comes from an accumulation of naturally occurring radium in the water pipes to which it bonds.

Clean Drinking Water

With the Erin Brockovich chemical, chromium-6, found in the drinking water of over 215 million Americans and bottled water contaminated with micro-plastics, it’s no wonder people are turning to water quality test labs to get results on their favorite beverage. Water is the key to life. If you can’t find clean water to drink your health and life are at risk. Unfortunately, you can’t trust the EPA or your local government to protect. Getting an independent look at your water through Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories can alert you to problems and ease your mind.