All Our Tests are Done Right Here

We’re the experts the other companies go to when they want the most exact results. We not only do testing for people like you, we perform testing for many of the other water testing companies out there. When you send us your samples, we not only give you precision test results, we also give you a faster turnaround because there’s no middleman.

Laboratory Water Testing

Vast Expertise and Experience

We want you to have results you can trust 100%. We know that your health and the health of your family depends on it. We’ve been testing water, soil and air for real estate agencies, mortgage lenders, well drillers and other professionals since 1995. We’ve tested samples from every corner of the country. We know testing and we know what’s safe and what’s not. We don’t cut any corners, anywhere.

We want you to have confidence that your family’s water supply is safe, clean and healthy. That’s why we extend our services not only to professionals but also to families like yours across the country. And we keep our prices reasonable so families can get the peace of mind they need.

Taking Service a Step Further: Helping You Understand Your Results

We know what it’s like to get a full page (or more) of technical jargon. At the same time, all that jargon tells you if your water is safe. Our Customer Service staff will go over your results with you and help you understand what actions you might need to take as a result. We can explain every single test we offer because each one is completed right here in our own lab.

This is all part of our service. We’re only done when you are confident in your understanding and know what action to take. That’s another service we provide to eliminate guesswork in choosing just the right test for your situation.

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