In your kit, you have received plastic or glass bottles. Please follow the appropriate instructions below.

Where to Collect Your Sample

The best place to collect your sample is from the kitchen sink. To prevent outside contamination or other interference, please do not remove any aerators or mixers from the tap unless there is visible contamination.

If You Received a Plastic Bottle

Let cold water run for three to five minutes. This flushes out the water that is standing in your household plumbing.

Do not touch the inside of the bottle. Fill the bottle from the tap almost all the way to the top.

If you have received more than one bottle, please fill the others so that the water reaches very near the top of each one.

Cap the bottles securely. Return samples to the lab as quickly as possible.

If You Received a Glass Vial

Fill the vial very slowly until the water bulges above the rim. Screw the cap on securely, doing your best to eliminate any airspace or bubbles.

Bubbles may form in the vial after it is capped. This is normal and does not affect your sample. Return the sample to the lab as quickly as possible.