The Benefits of Drinking Well Water

Drinking water

Water is unquestionably the best thing to drink for your body. Without the right amount of water, your brain doesn’t function as well and your body doesn’t burn calories efficiently. Municipal water is generally safe to drink. However, because of greater sodium content, well water often makes a better choice. At the Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc., we know that water should be a large part of everyone’s diet. Here are some reasons to drink well water.

From a Bottle

If you’re drinking water from a plastic bottle, there’s a good chance that you are also drinking whatever material the bottle is made from. Most plastic water bottles aren’t formulated for multiple uses, and heat causes them to slough chemicals into the water. Putting well water in a glass will protect your water from the contamination of plastic chemicals.

Test Your Economics

Some people avoid drinking water because of their monthly water bill or the exorbitant cost of purified water from the store. When you own a well, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable costs. Instead, you can have your well water tested at the best drinking water testing lab, know exactly what is in it, and not have to worry if you are wasting money on water that comes from a municipal tap.

It’s the Taste

People who drink well water report that it has better flavor. While pure water doesn’t have a flavor, well water may contain trace minerals that are important for your body and for flavor. If you use a well, you should have a drinking water quality testing lab check it to make sure that it isn’t contaminated. Many wells face radon, nitrate, and other industrial chemical contaminants. However, when you get your well tested, you can rest assured that you are truly getting the best available water to drink. The best part is that you won’t have to rely on anyone to bring it to you or have it in stock during an emergency.