Why Water Quality Should be Checked Regularly

Regular Water Quality Check

Safety First

Whether you’re drinking it or using it in cooking, you ingest a large amount of water each day. And if the water’s contaminated with chemicals and pathogens, it can cause a range of health issues, from gastrointestinal problems to neurological disorders. And certain populations, like the young or pregnant women, are particularly vulnerable. By testing the water routinely for contamination, you can ensure safe levels to protect yourself and your family.

Protect the Herd

Humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer ill effects from drinking water that poses health concerns. If you have stock, they can also be susceptible, resulting in a poor or malnourished appearance. Checking your water supplied to your animals will detect the presence of any unsuitable contaminants or unacceptable chemical compositions to keep them in optimal health.

Let Your Flowers Flourish

The water you use to water your plants and crops can have detrimental effects on the quality of what they produce. Whether you apply the water directly or mix it with fertilizer for nutrition, it’s important to make sure the quality of the water is sound or you risk inhibiting plant growth.

Equipment Extension

Water that contains too much calcium can create deposits or a white “crust” on the inside of your pipes and hot water system that can constrict the flow of water. Hard water can also cause brown stains in sinks, toilets, and tubs. To keep your equipment working properly for as long as possible, a regular water quality check can identify elements that can affect their operation.

Good Taste

Let’s not forget that the way your water looks, smells, and tastes. With regular tests, you can make sure your water has the right hardness and pH balance for optimal taste, is free of bacteria and chemicals that can cause odors, and doesn’t contain certain metals and agents that can change the color.

Water is essential to life so it’s important to use a private water testing lab to perform regular tests and ensure the quality and safety of the water you use and drink.