Finding the Right Solution for Common Well Water Problems

Finding the Right Solution for Common Well Water Problems

Sometimes resolving problems with well water quality is a simple and straightforward project. Other times, it can be a real detective job to figure out exactly what’s causing problems. That’s where we come in for many of our clients. The right water tests in the right sequence can really zero in on the exact source of the problem. 

When we work with our clients, we don’t just sell them a test and hope for the best. We assist them with an analysis of the results to point them at the fastest and most economical solution. That’s a service provided with every well water test. 

Resolving Water Well Problems

Will disinfection and filtration alone do the job? It might. Or it might not. This is where most people start. If they are lucky, they get it right the first time and problems like odor, poor taste, cloudiness or digestive upsets cease. 

But the list of potential well problems is long and complicated. Fortunately for our clients, we have the knowledge and tools to help them focus on the right solution for water problems. 

Consider filtration systems, for example. A comprehensive well water test will tell us exactly what substances need to be filtered out. With the results from our comprehensive tests, there’s two problems we can help homeowners avoid when they’re considering filtration systems.  

  1. They could install a filtration system that makes the water smell and taste better but does not actually eliminate a contaminant that they wouldn’t want in their water. Maybe it filters out sediment like sand, rust or silt but not hazardous chemicals or pesticides. A comprehensive test will tell both the client and our lab techs what needs to be filtered out.
  2. Conversely, if their only problem is sand or silt, they may be able to get a less expensive filter. Some of our clients tell us what filter they plan to install and we can tell them that it is more than they need. They get to save money by purchasing a less expensive system. 

We’re not actually just a water testing company. That’s because we’re also happy to help our clients understand their results and make the right decisions based on those results. 

Fixing Some Well Problems Will Require Repair

It’s not that uncommon that fixing a well water problem requires repair or maybe even a new well. Using our tests, we can diagnose problems that require these more in-depth solutions. If one of our water tests shows bacteria, a disinfection may only resolve the problem for a short period. We can ask the right questions to determine if the well could be contaminated by a nearby septic system or an old well that was not properly decommissioned. Those sources of contamination will just keep ruining the water supply over and over again until they are resolved. 

Wells also need repairs from time to time. The well cap could have deteriorated, allowing biological materials, insects or even small animals into the well. We saw one well that had a whole bee’s nest inside it.

It’s the same thing with the well’s casing. Both the casing and the well cap must be in good repair. Our tests coupled with our advice can guide the solution. 

When you get the right solution, your water quality will improve and stay that way. 

Quantity of Tests Adds Up to Quality of Knowledge 

We run more than 3,000 tests each month and we’ve been operating at that level for many years. We must have run into every well water problem there is! Also, we not only test well water, we have well inspectors that operate in our local area, so we gain from their experience as well. 

We are dedicated to the quality of well water supplying households across the country. Did you know that there are 42 million Americans relying on well water? We’re proud to help them maintain healthy water supplies for their families. To get help choosing the right well water test, call us at (800) 344-9977.