Why ETR Labs Is Your Best Choice for Well Water Tests

Why ETR Labs Is Your Best Choice for Well Water Tests

There are plenty of places that test well water. When you’re looking for the right place to test your well water, it’s important to know what makes ETR Laboratories different. There’s several reasons why, so a few minutes to review this list before choosing your water testing company is time well spent.

First, we are a research lab as well as a testing lab. That means our tests are always run to the highest standards and our equipment is always precisely calibrated. For our research, as well as the homeowners we serve, we can’t afford any inexactness. Our lab technicians and chemists also have a higher level of knowledge both about our tests and about well water quality in general. 

Also, we provide a higher level of service to our clients before they purchase a water test. We invite them to call us to discuss the best test they need. On their own, they might actually choose a test that is more extensive than they need. 

A quick conversation with one of our lab technicians can point them at the right water test for their needs. Did they just move into a house? Is it a brand new well? Has there been any illness in the family? Has it been a few years since the well was last tested? With questions like these, we can help them choose the best test for their situation. 

Focus on Individual Contaminants in Well Water

If a homeowner believes there might be some kind of specific contaminant in their area, we can guide them to the best tests to confirm their suspicions or put their mind at ease. Perhaps a homeowner wants to focus on testing for pesticides because they suspect contamination on their property. Or maybe they want to check for radon in the water supply or they are looking for the source of allergies or illness. 

Of course we have Basic, Premium and Ultimate water tests that look for 53, 113 or 249 substances. To help a homeowner zero in on a specific problem, we also test for 70 other individual substances or groups of contaminants like fungi or bacteria. Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish and we can direct you to the right tests. A quick call to our lab can get you the answer you need.

More Communication After the Sale

Many water test companies just want to sell you a water test via their website and then email you the results. That’s all the service you’re going to get. That’s not true with ETR Labs. We want to share our knowledge with you.

When you get your test results, we can keep helping you in three ways. 

  1. We will help you understand your results. Suppose you find out your bacteria level in your well water is too high. What could be the cause of that? We’ll point you in the right direction to get a permanent resolution of this problem. 
  2. If some type of water treatment or filtration is needed, we’ll help you determine which type of filtration is right to address the problems showing up in your test results. Our advice can help you select the most economical solution that still provides clean, healthy water for your family. 
  3. Wells should be disinfected from time to time. Many homeowners don’t know that dumping household bleach into a well could result in lasting problems. We have disinfection kits designed for private wells. Depending on your test results, we can direct you to the right type of disinfection kit. 

Other Water Test Labs Trust Us

What many other water testing labs don’t tell you is that they send their samples to us for testing. If they trust us, you can too. 

And because our clients can order tests from us directly, we can offer many people faster service. If you have concerns about problems with your water, the speed of our results can provide a faster solution or faster peace of mind. 

If you’re ready to order water tests and need some advice on which one is the best for you, give us a call at (800) 344-9977 today.