5 Times You Should Get Your Home’s Water Supply Tested

Laboratory Water Testing

In the United States, homes usually get their water supply from the municipal system. The city regulates this by conducting treatments, keeping everything clean before sending it to residential areas. It’s easy to assume that all harmful bacteria will be gone, but sometimes, other factors like dirty pipes can contaminate it. So, have a professional conduct a water analysis to be sure that what you’re using is free from germs and impurities.

Thanks to modern chemistry, people can now detect thousands of chemicals that might be contaminating the water. Several methods exist that range from using simple test strips to complex digital instruments.

That said, water is so common that it’s easy to overlook the need to have it tested. There are signs that will tell you it’s time to have it checked. Read on to learn about them.

The Water is Cloudy

Hold up a glass of water to the light. If it’s slightly cloudy, this is likely a sign that you have a problem with your supply.

The first thing you need to do is guarantee that the glass or container you’re using is clean. If it is, then you have to get your water tested. While healthy water contains minerals, they shouldn’t change how it looks.

It Has a Noticeable Color

The water that comes out of the tap should always be 100 percent clear. If it has the slightest tinge of color, like brown or orange, don’t drink it. Changes like this indicate that there are large amounts of contaminants present. The most common are iron and manganese particles from old pipes starting to rust.

It Emits a Rotten Egg Odor

A high concentration of sulfur in your water can be easily recognizable because it smells like rotten eggs. While your supply naturally has small doses, it should never be too much that it overpowers your senses. This is a health hazard. Consuming a high amount of this chemical can lead to intestinal problems and dehydration.

So, if you smell rotten eggs coming out of your faucet, schedule a bacterial water testing service. This will prevent other issues from developing in the future.

It Smells Like a Pool

Chlorine is used as a bleaching agent in treatment facilities to get rid of bacteria. But, even though it has its practical applications, it’s still poisonous. Too much will be harmful to you and everyone in your house.

One of the biggest red flags is when the supply smells like pool water. If this is the case, call a professional to have it checked. Your drinking water should be odorless. It should never emit a strong smell.

It Causes You to Get Sick

If you’re experiencing any symptoms for an extended amount of time and you don’t know what’s causing it, it could be a sign that your water is contributing to the issue. Aside from seeking medical treatment, you should also get your supply checked.

These are just some signs to look out for. Ensure that the water you use is clean so you and everyone you’re living with can stay healthy. If you’re unsure about the quality of your water supply, have it tested. Call Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc. as they can help you out. They also have professionals that have ample experience with well maintenance.