The Importance of Microbial Testing for Your Industry

Food safety testing

Safety and sanitation is a key component to just about everything in the modern-day world. That’s why microbial testing is so crucial across the vast majority of industries, including health care, food production, transportation, and construction. Industrial water testing can save lives and keep businesses on the path to success. That’s because human health can be at extreme risk when biological pathogens and other toxins are present in particular industries. Disease-causing bacteria is nothing to play around with, and it’s critical that industrial water testing takes place to protect the lives of the people who work and use these industries. Microbial testing can be a matter of life or death, and here are some more things you should know about the significance of these lifesaving industrial testing services.

Food Safety

Perhaps one of the biggest areas for industrial water testing labs is food safety. After all, people need to eat every day, and it’s important that they aren’t ingesting harmful microbes that can lead to serious health problems. When conditions are right, these microbes can multiply and introduce toxins into food products, spoiling the food and even causing disease and other dangerous health problems. With microbiological testing, these contaminants are quickly identified and treated before they can cause irreversible damage and devastation. Industrial water testing methods should be used by food production and food handling companies to keep everyone safe from foodborne illness caused by food and beverages tainted with harmful bacteria. E. coli, listeria, and salmonella are common bacteria the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests regularly for. It’s no secret that food producers, restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels that don’t abide by food safety standards may suffer harsh financial consequences for failing safety inspections. It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to microbial testing and food safety procedures.

Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

The health care industry is another area in which microbiological testing plays a key role. Those who are sick spend a considerable amount of time in clinics or hospitals, and these spaces must be clean and tested regularly. This routine of testing surfaces and equipment for harmful germs can prevent the spread of serious infection, saving countless lives in the process. Plus, medication also needs to be tested; this area of microbial testing is referred to as pharmaceutical testing. Through extremely thorough and rigorous testing, the quality standards set for medication are maintained. These pharmaceutical testing labs must be free of germs to keep medication sterile and safe for use. Every patient should be at ease when they’re taking their medication because it’s been tested.

Textile industry


In addition, textiles are a top testing industry to keep these products safe and healthy for a multitude of uses. Textiles are used for clothes and fabrics throughout households, offices, and much more, and these products shouldn’t contain banned chemicals or residues. The production of textiles is heavily regulated and tested to ensure all textiles are safe for consumer use. Microbial testing is a trusted resource and routine for those in the textile industry. Employers, employees, and consumers can all benefit from microbial testing.

If you’re wondering whether or not your business should have microbiological testing, the answer is yes. Industrial testing keeps everyone safe and ensures the proper safety measures are in place, so contact the experts at Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc., today to find out more.