Silica Water Test


Silica is a term that describes a group of compounds composed of silicon and oxygen in combination with other minerals. Silica enters water supplies from bedrock so can be present in both well and surface water. When household water contains silica, the mineral collects on and stains glass, appliances and other surfaces.

Is Silica in My Water Harmful?
Silica is one of the most common elements on earth so it is no surprise that it is present in many water supplies. High levels of silica in water supplies result in a milky film on surfaces. Even vinegar will not remove these films. Eventually, exposure to silica can etch glass surfaces. Silica in its many different forms can be difficult to remove from water.

How Much Does a Silica Water Test Cost?
Determine the level of dissolved or colloidal silica in your water for $30. This information can help you choose the right method of reducing the silica in your water supply.