Silver Water Test


Low levels of silver that are naturally present in water and soil are generally not harmful but high levels should be detected. Some silver compounds can cause liver and kidney damage or irritate the respiratory or intestinal system and change blood cells. Silver is used in water disinfection and is also present in some household water filters. Silver can also enter the water supply from hazardous waste sites.

Is Silver in My Water Harmful?
Silver can be released into the environment as a result of manufacturing processes. It is also a naturally occurring mineral. People living near hazardous waste sites may ingest excessive amounts of silver through their drinking water. While the long-term health hazards of exposure to silver are not known, the EPA recommends that you limit your exposure to silver in your drinking water.

How Much Does a Silver Water Test Cost?
Silver is used in some household water treatment systems to purify the water but may expose residents to higher levels of silver. The presence of this metal can be determined for $30.