Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds Water Test


Semi-volatile organic compounds are not substances you want in your water. They are toxic and can accumulate in humans. Some of them cause reproductive disorders, nervous system damage and immune system disruption. One class of SVOCs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs) are carcinogenic, mutagenic and highly toxic. More than 100 SVOCs are detected in this test.

Are Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in My Water Harmful?
SVOCs are not only harmful to humans but they also pose a threat to animal life and the environment. Commonly-detected SVOCs include DDT, malathion, atrazine and other pesticides, as well as naphthalene, carbazole and phenol. While some of these substances have been banned, they tend to persist for very long periods in the environment.

How Much Does a Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds Water Test Cost?
You can receive a detailed profile of more than 100 SVOCs for $500. When a thorough investigation of SVOC contamination of a water supply is needed, this is the right test.