Benefits of Getting Water Tested in Laboratories


With the continuing problems of drinking water in Flint, Michigan, and Puerto Rico, along with the reports that over 170 million people are drinking radioactive water and 250 million Americans are exposed to the “Erin Brockovich” carcinogen, you have every right to wonder if your drinking water is safe. Even bottled water has been found to be contaminated with microplastics. Water is the source of life and, much like property, they’re not making any more of it. At the Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc., we understand your concern. Here are the benefits of getting your water tested in an independent laboratory.

Safe Water

If you have an independent lab test your water supply, you don’t have to rely on the government infrastructure, which failed to protect its citizens in Flint and in the case brought to court by Erin Brockovich. You’ll know what your drinking water contains and how safe it is.

Well Water

If your water comes from a well, you may be unaware of the chemicals that are seeping into it from the ground. Nevada has been used as a nuclear testing facility. Homes have been built on landfills, and companies have engaged in illegal dumping for decades. Having your water tested is the first step toward insuring your health and the health of your family. If it is contaminated, you’ll know what type of filter you need to buy for your home, and you’ll be better able to take care of the problem.

Water Labs

The best water testing labs will be able to bring the lab to the water. Most problems that invalidate lab results occur in transit when the water sample is shipped to the lab. Some laboratories will use an extraction device that takes the particles and contaminants out of the water and trap them in a test kit. This test kit results in smaller shipping costs and higher accuracy due to the less likelihood of contamination or breakage in the sample.