8 Reasons to Get a Water Hardness and Purity Test


You Might Be Drinking Bacteria

If your water has a foul odor or an odd taste, chances are better than good that you have some sort of bacterial contamination. Bacteria can react with base elements in your water to emit odors that smell of sulfur or swamp water. A drinking water quality testing lab will help you determine the cause.

A Decent Shower

If you believe your water pressure is too low because you can’t get a decent shower, it may be mineral build-up in your shower head due to hard water.

Dirty Clothes

Soaps and detergents do not react and function to their full capacity in hard water. The result will be that your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they could be. You might be thinking, “where are the drinking water test labs near me?” You’ll more than likely want to show up with clean clothes.

Your Appliances

Those dirty clothes may also be a result of premature appliance wear. Hard water and mineral deposits wreak havoc on washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, and any other appliance in your home that uses fresh water.


If you feel like you keep a clean house, but still suffer the embarrassment of stains on your kitchen and bath fixtures, the problem is most likely high iron content in your water.

Clogged Pipes

Even the best drinking water testing lab can’t help keep your pipes cleaned, but they may help you determine if hard water mineral deposits are building-up inside your pipes. Whether the water is inbound, or outbound, the build-up is gradual and may not be a problem until years from now.


Soap scum is left over from water that has dried-up and left something behind. Once again, detergents and soaps don’t work and play well with hard water. The calcium left behind is responsible for the scum that you constantly have to clean.


The soap scum left over on shower walls is also left over on your body after a shower. Some people either have or can develop skin irritation issues after repeated exposure to hard water.