Well Water Testing

About 47 million people use wells to supply their water needs. While well water has a reputation for being pure and clean, the fact is that it can be at greater risk for contamination than other water supply. Well water isn’t only susceptible to landfill seepage and contaminants that leak through the ground into the water supply. It’s also susceptible to insect infiltration, rodent infestation, and contamination through surface water and flooding. Your well should be set one foot off the ground and include a tight seal cap to prevent these additional problems.

Testing your well water once a year is the only way to know what’s in the water and if it’s safe to drink. For the best in well water testing, ETR Labs makes sure your water is safe to drink. If you want to know precisely what’s in your water, the only thing you can do is hire a professional company to test it for you. At ETR Labs, testing water is what we do. Contact us today to schedule a test to find out what’s in your water and what you should do about it.