The Benefits of Water Chlorination


You may notice that there are many cities that use chlorine to purify their drinking water. This is for many different reasons. Chlorine is one of the best purifiers available. There are benefits to chlorine over other methods that will be discussed. One of the biggest reasons is because it helps water pass the water quality test labs, which are in place to ensure all drinking water is safe.


Chlorination is a great method of purification. The pros to using chlorine include:

  • Almost all harmful bacteria and viruses are eliminated. This helps it pass the drinking water quality testing lab.
  • The chlorine doesn’t just clean the water once, it continues to protect it from recontamination as well. This guarantees the approval for the best drinking water testing lab.
  • It can cover a large area at a lower cost. Chlorine is affordable enough to clean all drinking water in a large area. It doesn’t take a ton of chlorine to ensure safe water for an entire city.
  • Chlorine is easy to apply to any water source and doesn’t take expensive techniques, machines, or processes.


  • Chlorine does change the taste of the water, which can bother some people. The water is safe and clean even though it does have a different taste.
  • The chemical also has a different smell. The water isn’t going to smell the same as other water.
  • It is not as effective in turbid or cloudy water.
  • There must be constant quality control to measure the chlorine levels.

Importance of Clean Water

It is important that water is clean before being used by a population. Water carries diseases and viruses and can quickly affect an entire population overnight. Everyone needs water to survive and unless they have the means to test their water, they may never know that the water is unsafe to drink. This is especially true in rural and poor areas. This is where chlorine can play a huge part in providing safe drinking water to millions of people. Check to see if chlorination is the best purification technique for you.