Nitrite Water Test


Nitrites in the form of mineral salt are commonly found in the ground, and are often a component in road salt. The most common cause of nitrite contamination is from road salts entering the well system. Other causes of nitrite contamination may be from surface water, runoff from fertilizer use, leaching from septic systems, sewage, or erosion of natural deposits. Infants who consume water with excess levels of nitrites may become ill.

Is Nitrite in My Water Harmful?
Nitrite in household water affects the way blood carries oxygen. A person consuming too much nitrite may suffer from methemoglobinemia, a condition in which a person’s skin turns blue and blood pressure falls. They may also suffer headaches, stomach cramps and vomiting. A bottle-fed baby is at highest risk for this potentially-fatal problem.

How Much Does a Nitrite Water Test Cost?
You can determine if your water has been contaminated by nitrites from excessive use of fertilizers, human sewage or animal waste for $30.