Nickel Water Test


Nickel can enter drinking water from metals in pipes and fittings. It can also be present in groundwater when nickel leaches out of rock. Bathing in nickel-contaminated water can cause a rash or skin irritation. At low doses, it can lead to decreased lung function and at higher doses, it can be carcinogenic.

Is Nickel in My Water Harmful?
Nickel can enter groundwater from industrial processes or power plants. When present in shower water, it can irritate your skin. Drinking water with high levels of nickel can cause stomach aches, changes in your blood cells, and can also contribute to the occurrence of cancer. If you live near any industries that use nickel, this is a very good test to perform on your drinking water.

How Much Does a Nickel Water Test Cost?
This test from ETR Laboratories costs only $30. If you live near a metal processing industry or a power plant, this is a wise investment.