Fungi Count in Water


Growth of fungal colonies on plates of nutrients makes it possible to quantify presence of fungi in water.

Are Fungi in My Water Harmful?
A wide variety of fungi may be present in water samples; not all of them are harmful. Some can cause allergies or skin irritation. Others can suppress the immune system of those who are already immunocompromised due to HIV, cancer or organ transplants. Some fungi produce toxins that can then be aerosolized in shower water so they can then be inhaled. Some of these toxins may be cancer-causing. Therefore, it is important to know if your community water is treated adequately to remove fungi or if any fungi are present in your well water.

How Much Does a Fungi Plate Water Test Cost?
This test places a sample of your water on a plate of nutrients and then determines what types of fungi grow in that plate. This test costs $50 at ETR Laboratories.