Fecal E. coli Count Water Test


A count of fecal E. coli is a test of the suitability of water for human consumption. An E. coli test by itself is not necessarily a test of fecal contamination of water. This test will determine whether or not the E. coli in the water stems from fecal contamination. This is an important test for private wells.

Is Fecal E. Coli in My Water Harmful?
The presence of fecal E. coli in your water is a definite sign that human or animal feces are contaminating your water supply. This type of E. coli is more likely to transmit diseases than other types of E. coli. An infection from fecal E. coli can cause bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. Children are more likely to suffer than adults.

How Much Does a Fecal E. Coli Count Water Test Cost?
It’s important to know if fecal E. coli are present in your water in sufficient quantities to cause illness. You may need to address the sanitation of your well, water supply or water filtration system. This test is available for $40.