E. coli Enumeration Water Test


E. coli present in drinking water is indicative of contamination with fecal matter. This test can provide information on the quality of a water source, its treatment and the safety of the drinking water coming to the home.

Is E. Coli in My Water Harmful?
Small quantities of E. coli in your water are not necessarily harmful unless someone in your household has a compromised immune system. There are a few important facts you may learn by getting a count of E. coli in your water, however. You may learn that your water is being contaminated by human or animal feces, you can discover that the sanitation procedures for your water supply are inadequate, or you may discover the source of unexplained gastrointestinal, skin, respiratory or other infections. This is an important test if someone in your household has suffered unexplained illnesses.

How Much Does an E. Coli Enumeration Water Test Cost?
A count of the total number of coliform bacteria is an index of the sanitary condition of your water supply and will indicate if you need to sanitize or repair your well or improve your water supply.