Cyanide Water Test


Cyanide is a well-known toxic chemical. Long-term consumption of water with cyanide present can result in nerve damage or thyroid problems. Cyanide can enter a water supply as a result of industrial discharges.

Is Cyanide in My Water Harmful?
Cyanide can enter a water supply from a landfill or industrial operations, such as the manufacture of paper, textiles, photography supplies and plastics or from natural sources. This chemical is a deadly substance at high levels. It stops the body from being able to use oxygen, so it is particularly harmful to the heart and the brain. At low levels, it causes dizziness, headache, rapid heart rate, nausea and vomiting.

How Much Does a Cyanide Water Test Cost?
If there is any possibility that your water contains cyanide, it is important to obtain this water test for $100.