First Draw and Flush – Lead and Copper


This is a special test that examines both the water that first comes from the tap and water that comes from the tap after a couple of minutes. This test will detect whether contamination comes from the pipes in the home or the community water supplies. This is an important test to determine where lead or copper contamination could be coming from.

Are Lead and Copper in My Water Harmful?
Small quantities of copper are not harmful but too much can damage kidneys or the liver. Lead is toxic in any quantity. This two-part test helps determine where lead or copper contamination is coming from. The first water sample is taken after water has been sitting in your pipes for at least six hours to see if the metals are coming from your own pipes. The second sample is taken after letting the water run until it gets cold to see if it is coming from a well or community water supplies. If one or both tests are contaminated with lead or copper, you can zero in on the correct remedy for your household.

How Much Does a Lead and Copper Test Cost?
This two-part test can be obtained for $100.