The Future of Water Testing Technology: An Analysis

If you’ve paid attention to the news over the last decade, you’ve probably noticed contaminated water issues popping up all over the country. If it hasn’t affected you directly, contaminated water could affect you in the near future. That’s why it’s important to be...

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The Global Water Challenges for 2019

Less than one percent of the world's water is potable and accessible for human consumption. While the Earth is covered in water, much of it is sea water and high in saline, which makes it unfit for drinking. As the population rises and the Earth faces higher...

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Learn about Heavy Water and Bioaccumulation

If you’re concerned about what's in your water, you have every right to be. Local water municipalities across the U.S. have had issues with neglect of the water system, some intentionally. Beyond that, reports of the Brockovich chemical and radiation affect the water...

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