Radon in Water Test


Radon is a naturally occurring, mildly radioactive gas. It can leak from soil into both air and water supplies. If it’s in the water supply, showering releases it into the air. The EPA states that the presence of radon increases the risk of getting cancer, particularly lung cancer. This test kit enables you to supply a sample of your water for testing.

Is Radon in My Water Harmful?
Radon is more likely to exist in drinking water that comes from an underground source than a surface water source like a river. Radon in water causes a small number of stomach cancer deaths each year. Water-borne radon can also be released into the air and then be inhaled. The EPA recommends that private wells be tested for radon.

How Much Does a Radon Water Test Cost?
ETR Laboratories will analyze your water sample for radon for $40. Air samples can also be tested for radon in separate tests.