Mold & Fungi Water Test


Molds and fungi in drinking or bathing water can cause infections, allergies and gastrointestinal illness. They can be present in the water itself or contaminate water due to their presence inside taps.

Are Mold and Fungi in My Water Harmful?
Mold and fungi in your water can affect the taste and odor of your water but, more importantly, can also cause unexplained illnesses. The specific adverse effects of mold and fungi depend on the type of microorganism present in your water. Some create allergies and others may produce infections that attack mucus membranes, skin or the respiratory system. Once mold or fungi are introduced to your home through your water supply, they can multiply into colonies around water surfaces.

How Much Does a Mold and Fungi Water Test Cost?
This analysis of what types of mold or fungi are found in your water and how many of each are present costs $95.