Heavy Metals Water Test


Heavy metals can enter your water supply from nearby industrial sites or from naturally occurring deposits. These minerals accumulate in the body which means they can have serious health effects after long-term exposure. Problems resulting from heavy metal exposure include cancer, organ damage, nervous system damage, autoimmune illnesses, arthritis and kidney disease. In children, heavy metal exposure can result in behavioral problems such as aggressiveness and hyperactivity.

Are Heavy Metals in My Water Harmful?
Heavy metals commonly found in water include manganese, lead, arsenic, chromium, antimony, cadmium, selenium and copper. While small quantities of some of these metals are essential for health, consumption of others like lead and arsenic are toxic. Industrial and agricultural operations can introduce these metals to the water supply of a community or to the aquifer supplying a private well. Consumption of heavy metals increases the risk of liver, kidney and intestinal damage and cancer.

How Much Does a Heavy Metals Water Test Cost?
You can determine which heavy metals might exist in your water supply for $190. The damaging potential of these metals makes this a very important test to run on your water source.