Langelier (Corrosion) Index


The Langelier Index is a good index of the corrosiveness of your water or its tendency to deposit scale on pipes, equipment or other parts of your water system. This is an important test to protect your household and your health. Corrosive water can also contain higher levels of dissolved lead and other heavy metals.

What Does a Langelier Index Test Do?
This test determines if your water is corrosive or if it contains too much calcium carbonate. Corrosive water can damage your plumbing, eventually eating through pipes. It also tends to dissolve metals it comes in contact with, meaning your drinking water will have higher levels of copper, iron or other metals. On the other end of the Langelier scale, water with too much calcium carbonate will deposit scale on fixtures and appliances.

How Much Does a Langelier Index Test Cost?
The Langelier Index Test costs $100 but can save a homeowner much more than this by preventing either corrosion or scale buildup.