Hydrogen Sulfide Water Test


A musty or “rotten egg” odor to your water can indicate the presence of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide can stain and tarnish metals as well as kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It’s a naturally occurring substance but it can also be created by a hot water heater. The odor may also occur when sewage has contaminated drinking water which is why testing is vital if you detect an odd smell.

Is Hydrogen Sulfide in My Water Harmful?
The main problem with hydrogen sulfide is that it causes your water to taste unpleasant and smell like rotten eggs. It isn’t toxic but only because you would stop drinking this water before it contains enough hydrogen sulfide to be toxic. This water can also stain plumbing fixtures. It is possible to invest in water treatment processes that remove this chemical from your water.

How Much Does a Hydrogen Sulfide Water Test Cost?
This test from ETR Laboratories costs $30. The test can save you money if you can avoid replacing tarnished or stained plumbing fixtures.