Iron Water Test


While iron is vital for health, you don’t want too much iron in your drinking water. Excess iron can color the water but it may also be colorless, depending on which type of iron is present. Consumption of water with too much iron can lead to premature aging or stress on the liver, heart and pancreas. Water may also have a metallic taste. Annual testing of well water is important.

Is Iron in My Water Harmful?
Iron could be present in your water from naturally-occurring sources or it could enter your water from iron pipes, especially if your water is corrosive. You may not be able to tell that your water contains too much iron just by looking at it. While some iron is necessary for health, too much can cause acne breakouts, fatigue, joint pain or, in extreme cases, heart or liver failure. It is possible to filter your water to remove iron.

How Much Does an Iron Water Test Cost?
This test is available at ETR Laboratories for just $30.