Water Hardness Test


Hardness is the result of high calcium and magnesium levels in water. Hardness may damage water heaters and other parts of your plumbing and create spots on dishes and stains on sinks and bathtubs. Accumulation of minerals in your pipes can reduce water pressure, one of the most common household problems in America.

Is Water Hardness Harmful?
Water hardness describes the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium or smaller amounts of iron, zinc, barium, aluminum, copper, manganese and other dissolved metals. These minerals in your water can create problems like ugly deposits on sinks and toilets or outside walls and fences sprayed by sprinklers. Your water heater, ice maker and other appliances will gradually build up deposits inside their pipes. Laundry detergents clean poorly. Your drains can slow down. Hard water also dries skin and dulls hair.

How Much Does a Water Hardness Test Cost?
A test to assess your level of water hardness will cost you $50. With the results of this test, you can understand better how to eliminate the hard water supplied to your home or business.