Biological Oxygen Demand


Biological Oxygen Demand is an indirect measure of the biologically degradable material present in organic wastes. High BOD means there is an abundance of biologically degradable material that will consume oxygen from the water during the degradation process. It may rob water of oxygen needed for aquatic organisms to survive.

What Does a Biological Oxygen Demand Test Check For?
This test provides information about the health of a lake or stream and whether or not life in this body of water can survive well. It’s necessary for any body of water to contain dissolved oxygen for plants or animals to survive. Too much stress on a body of water can result in an increased biological oxygen demand, which reduces the dissolved oxygen needed by plants and animals.

How Much Does a Biological Oxygen Demand Water Test Cost?
This test costs $100 and can inform an individual or community about the health of a lake or stream or provide an alert about possible sources of pollution.