Beryllium Water Test


Beryllium is a heavy metal. It is most often found as a discharge from metal refineries, coal-burning factories or aerospace and defense industry. According to the EPA, long-term consumption of beryllium in drinking water can cause serious health issues including cancer or damage to the bones and lungs. The Maximum Contaminant Level set by the EPA is extremely low.

Is Beryllium in My Water Harmful?
Drinking water containing beryllium can cause damage to the intestines. If water containing beryllium is used in a vaporizer or humidifier, this mineral can then be inhaled, which is even more dangerous. In this situation, beryllium can damage the bones and lungs or increase the risk of cancer.

How Much Does a Beryllium Water Test Cost?
You can learn if your water supply contains beryllium for just $30. Order your beryllium water test from ETR Laboratories today.