Arsenic Speciation Water Test


Arsenic appears in water supplies around the world. The Arsenic Speciation test involves determining the different forms of arsenic that appear in a water sample. Each type has its own toxicity. Long-term consumption of water with levels of arsenic that are too high can result in skin, bladder and lung cancers, skin lesions, cardiovascular effects, and anemia. Arsenic speciation tests are very important in determining which type of arsenic filtration is necessary.

What Does an Arsenic Speciation Test Check For?
This scan tests for Arsenic 3 & 5, each with its own toxicity and characteristics. If there is arsenic in your water supply, it is important to know which type of arsenic it is because some types more readily enter and are retained in the human body than others. This test identifies which types of arsenic are present.

How Much Does an Arsenic Speciation Water Test Cost?
You can identify the types of arsenic in your water for only $75.