Environmental Testing & Research Laboratories performs well inspections all across Central Massachusetts. We lower a downhole, underwater video camera into the well so we have eyes on any problems of structure or contamination. We ensure that the inside of the well is clean, in good repair and capable of supplying clean, healthy water.

Our well inspections include the following steps:

  • A flow test to determine the output of the well
  • A check of pump function and electrical supply
  • Verification of the sanitary condition of the well
  • Examination of the well’s immediate environment
  • A water test to detect bacteria, fungi, toxins or minerals
  • Checking the water for odor, cloudiness or color

At the end of our inspection, we provide our client with a full, concise and clearly written report plus a DVD of the inspection video. Our report will include any recommendations needed to protect water quality and bring the well up to local codes.

We are also happy to schedule a phone consultation with a client to explain the results of the test.

Why Do You Need a Well Inspection?

Wells need periodic inspections to ensure that no animals, insects or plant materials have made their way inside and that the walls and pump are in good condition. The seals on the well cap should be tight and in good condition. By inspecting the well and testing and sanitizing the well water on a regular basis, you can ensure that your household or business has healthy, clean water available.

When to Order a Well Inspection

  • If you have never had your well inspected
  • If there is any doubt your household is receiving clean water
  • When you are buying or selling a home with a private well
  • If a post-disinfection test reveals more bacteria
  • If your state or lender requires inspections as part of home sales
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How Can I Protect My Water Supply?

Well systems are mechanical devices and they do break down at times. Poorly maintained or badly constructed wells can lead to a variety of problems including contaminated or poor-quality water. Certain defects could allow surface water to enter the well and cause contamination, which means the well no longer protects the water supply. As a responsible well owner, you need to carry out a regular program of well maintenance.

Trust ETR Labs to provide an in-depth report on the condition of your well. It is every bit as important to us as it is to you that your family or business has fresh, pure water available.

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