Well Disinfection Kit

Our Well Disinfection Kit gives you the power to remove harmful microorganisms from your well water at your convenience! Protect your family’s health and improve the taste of your water. Get your Well Disinfection Kit today!

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What’s Included in Your Kit

Get the Best Well Disinfection Kit Available

To keep your drinking water safe, you need a disinfection kit that is specifically designed for well systems. Other at-home kits use concentrated chlorine to shock your well system, but this can discolor your water and leave behind unpleasant odors and tastes. Our Well Disinfection Kit uses FDA-approved and EPA-recommended chlorination ingredients that are specially formulated to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms from your well system without altering the purity of your water. This means your well water will be clean and refreshing all year long!

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Protect Your Drinking Water with the ETR Labs Well Disinfection Kit

Trusted by American Families and Businesses Since 1995

We’ve been the go-to experts for water and environmental testing for over 25 years. Our customers include families, small and large businesses, and even other water testing companies nationwide.

The health of you and your family depends on reliable service, trustworthy test results, and professional advice. At ETR Laboratories, we always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. That’s why we give you our $80 bacteria test free with every Well Disinfection Kit so you can see the results of your well water treatment for yourself!

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Why Is a High-Quality Well Disinfection Kit Important?

Many homeowners believe that their well system can be treated with swimming pool chlorine or household bleach. The truth is that these chemicals were not designed to disinfect drinking water. Think of it like using a screwdriver to hammer a nail—a screwdriver is a good tool, but it won’t do you any good!

Our Well Disinfection Kit was specifically made to remove harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from your family’s drinking water. We use an FDA-approved chlorination agent that is safer and more effective than other kits on the market. This means you can get clean, healthy water that tastes great whenever you want to!

Your Well Disinfection Kit Was Designed by Certified Water Experts

Protect Your Family’s Health with Clean Well Water!

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“ETR Labs came through for me when it counted!

“After being overcharged by another company that didn’t even have the correct certifications, ETR came out almost immediately, took a water sample, and got all my results very fast! Everyone in the front office was a pleasure to deal with including the person who came and took the sample. Anyone I know looking for water testing will be referred to ETR!”

“They are willing to go above and beyond.

“I wanted to express my delight with ETR. Joshua was such a big help in a time of need for our company. This lab is very professional and if you need anything they are willing to go above and beyond. Thanks, ETR!”

“Well worth the money for peace of mind.

“The labs provided a VERY thorough evaluation of the quality of water supplied by my private well… Within a few days, I received an email with a .pdf attachment outlining every test conducted, including acceptable standards to compare against. Very reassuring knowing the quality of your everyday drinking, cooking, and cleaning water source. Well worth the money for peace of mind. HIGHLY recommended!”