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Realtors are an essential part of ETR Labs’ business. From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to understand the needs of real estate professionals so we could meet and exceed them.

We know that water quality can be a key factor in making or breaking some real estate transactions. Therefore, accuracy and speed are vital. Every one of the more than one hundred tests we offer is completed in our own state-of-the-art facility. Many other testing companies send their tests to us for analysis. By working directly with us, you get the fastest results possible.

With more than twenty years in this business, we know how to provide the exact reports that professionals in real estate, home inspection and related industries need.

We Test For:

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With every test, you or your client can receive a private consultation with our staff to learn the meaning of the results. How serious is the water situation? What are the choices to improve it? This is a service we include with every test at no additional charge.
professional discounts.


If you’re in the Leominster, Massachusetts, area, you can drop off samples at our lab 24/7. From anywhere in the U.S., you can send them via UPS, FedEx or USPS.


We send our reports only to those individuals you designate, such as a buyer, seller, financial institution, etc. We must have direct authorization from you to release these reports. We will never share your results with any institution or agency which isn’t true of all laboratories.
professional discounts.


We offer a variety of payment plans including prepaid; payment on delivery by check, cash or credit card; or credit card on file. Or, we can establish an account with you on a net-30 basis. We will work with you to match your payment needs.

We love working with realtors! Just give us a call at (800)344-9977 to talk to us about our professional discounts.


Absolutely. This is a vital test to be completed before closing. If there is any problem with the water quality, some VA and FHA lenders will not approve the sale. A VA loan is a $0 down mortgage option available to veterans, active service members and some military spouses. FHA loans are those insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Both agencies have specific requirements on the suitability of the home to be purchased, including ensuring that well water meets local health requirements for safe drinking water. If you are the buyer, you want to know that you are buying a home with a healthy water supply. If you are the seller, you can eliminate any barriers to the buyer completing their mortgage application and the closing with a professional water test. ETR Laboratories makes the three most popular types of well water tests easy to choose from. Select from the Basic Water Test, the Premium Water Test, or the top-of-the-line Ultimate Water Test that checks for 249 different contaminants.

Not at all. Well water is very often clean and healthy. But it is important to know its quality before the sale of a home is finalized. You can quickly ensure the quality of well water provided to a house you are planning to buy with our Basic Water Test, Premium Water Test or the Ultimate Water Test. All you need to do is collect a sample of well water according to the instructions we send you and mail them off in the prepaid package we provide. We will have the results back to you quickly and we offer a complimentary phone consultation so you know what action to take based on those results. Contact us to learn more or get help choosing the best test for your situation.

There are three grades of water testing available from ETR Laboratories, which means you can choose the right test for your budget or situation. You can choose from our Basic Water Test, which checks for 53 substances for $129; our Premium Water Test, which checks for 113 substances for $225; or our Ultimate Water Test, which checks for 249 contaminants for $699. Whether you are a buyer, seller or real estate agent, a water test can save time, money and aggravation when you’re trying to schedule the closing. For help choosing the right test or for more information, contact ETR Laboratories.


Not sure which test to order? Call us for a free consultation on the right test to provide you with peace of mind.