Well Caps


Well Cap Kit Includes:
  • Premium Well Cap
  • One ½ inch to 1 inch converter nipple
  • One 1 inch to 1 inch converter nipple
  • Three metal hose clamps
  • Six ½ inch nuts
  • Four silicone shrink wrap tubes
  • Four silver wire connectors
  • A 1″diameter Plastic Pipe
  • Manual
  • Well Chlorination Kit
Well caps are extremely important because they provide covering for the water source leading into homes with private well water systems. We have identified what we believe to be a well cap that meets all the standards of a quality well cap at a reasonable price.

Features of the Premium Well Cap include:

  • Fits any standard 6″ well casing
    The top of the cap can be removed without effecting the seal, conduit or wiring.
  • The Premium Well Cap is made of high quality grey cast iron.
  • Painted green and oven dried to produce a durable high quality finish which blends in to most landscapes.
  • All of the high quality hardware is plated.
  • Conforms to Water System Council PAS-97 (04) Standards
  • It also comes with a center plug that makes it very easy for you to complete the disinfection process.


We have created a manual that provides:

A complete list of all tools necessary to install the Well Cap
A complete set of instructions (with photos) necessary to install the Premium Well Cap. These instructions are written so any reasonably handy person can follow and successfully install it.

A complete ETR Water Well Disinfection Kit including the EPA recommended disinfection reagent and supplies necessary for a follow up water test to ensure no bacterial contamination in your well (sold separately for $59.95 + tax, S&H)