Total Coliform Count Water Test


The Total Coliform Count provides a good analysis of the sanitation of a water supply. Bacteria in this category can enter our water supply because of human or animal fecal contamination. Some types of E. coli and other coliform bacteria can cause illness; however, a positive coliform test often indicates the presence of other pathogens that should be eradicated.

What Does a Total Coliform Count Water Test Tell Me?
For your well water or your community water supply, it’s vital for a coliform count to remain low. If a high number of coliform bacteria are present, then it’s very likely that other pathogens are making their way past filters or purification systems as well. This test may also indicate fecal contamination of water supplies. The results of this test can direct you toward finding the source of contamination.

How Much Does a Total Coliform Count Water Test Cost?
For $40, you can discover if you need to repair a well cap, inspect your well for defects, or construct a new well.