Nitrate Water Test


In farming communities or around golf courses, parks, livestock facilities, landfills or wastewater disposal sites, nitrates in the drinking water can exceed acceptable levels. High levels of nitrate-nitrogen can be hazardous to health, especially for babies, pregnant women and the elderly. New water supplies should always be tested for nitrates.

Are Nitrates in My Water Harmful?
Nitrates can enter groundwater or private wells from use of fertilizers, improper handling of human or animal feces, or industrial waste. Wells that are too shallow or ones that have been infiltrated by floodwaters may contain too many nitrates. Drinking water with higher levels of nitrates has been associated with cancers of the colon, rectum, bladders or breast. Other studies found a connection to thyroid disease and birth defects.

How Much Does a Nitrate Water Test Cost?
If you live near a golf course, farm, feedlot or wastewater treatment site, this is an important test for you. This test costs only $30.