Water Microanalysis Test


We use a scanning electron microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance to identify the genus and species of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms present in a water sample. Microorganisms are also quantified. Please allow three to five days for this testing to be completed.

What Does a Water Microanalysis Test Do?
A water microanalysis uses a state-of-the-art analysis to determine the types and quantities of bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms in your water. If anyone in your home has suffered from unexplained illness or if you will add a baby to your home soon, this is an excellent analysis to perform on your water supply.

How Much Does a Water Microanalysis Test Cost?
This detailed test requires more time than most of our tests and costs $250. Once you know the types of microorganisms you are dealing with, you can design a water treatment or disinfecting procedure to eliminate them. As part of your test, we offer a complimentary phone consultation to ensure you understand the meaning of your test results.