Ammonia Water Test


Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong odor, and is the result of decomposition of biological matter. Ammonia in well water is an indicator that there is very fresh biological waste contaminating the water supply. Ammonia can be corrosive to household plumbing, and it may be an irritant and possibly toxic at high levels.

Is Ammonia in My Water Harmful?
Ammonia in your household water can have a sharp, unpleasant odor and it can irritate eyes and noses. There are different forms of ammonia and some are toxic when consumed. Ammonia in your water supply can also corrode your household plumbing.

How Much Does an Ammonia Water Test Cost?
If you suspect the presence of high levels of ammonia in your water, ETR Laboratories will provide test results for $30, which includes a postage-paid package to return your water sample and a phone consultation to ensure you can understand your results.