ISO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

ETR Laboratories maintains an internationally recognized certification awarded by the international standards organization, ISO. To keep our certification current, we receive regular audits that verify our compliance with these standards.

About ISO

The ISO standard that applies to laboratories is ISO 17025. According to ISO:

ISO/IEC 17025 enables laboratories to demonstrate that they operate competently and generate valid results, thereby promoting confidence in their work both nationally and around the world.

It also helps facilitate cooperation between laboratories and other bodies by generating wider acceptance of results between countries. Test reports and certificates can be accepted from one country to another without the need for further testing, which, in turn, improves international trade.

ISO maintains a collection of 22,000 standards that span practically every business, social, or industrial sector. ISO is the world’s leading producer of international standards.

The Importance of ISO Standards

ISO has been working hand in hand with the United Nations to help that organization achieve its Sustainable Development Goals. According to Michael Møller, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, “Closer cooperation with ISO is essential […] to be aligned and correctly interlinked for the benefit of governments, businesses and traders around the world.”

The value of these standards was further noted by Alan Wolff, Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization: “An integrated global economy, with a strong and dynamic multilateral trading system, supported by international standards, is a better world for everyone.”

Compliance with ISO 17025 is sought by laboratory customers, regulatory authorities, and organizations around the world when they are selecting a trustworthy laboratory to complete their testing.

Results are Accurate, Traceable, and Defendable

An ISO certification not only verifies accuracy of test results, it also demands a high standard of administration. Every test must be traceable from the moment the sample arrives in the lab all the way through the final report. The equipment used, its calibration, any reagent used, and every result must be meticulously recorded and defendable.

ISO 17025 audits are conducted through on-site visits that include interviews with our staff, examination of our equipment, and a review of our test documentation.

When a laboratory has been examined and verified as following ISO protocols, you know that it is complying with the highest standards currently in existence.

About Our Accuracy

The accuracy of our tests of more than eighty different analytes is regularly verified as part of our continuing compliance with ISO standards.

A recent assessor noted that ETR Laboratories is:

…competent to perform the analyses on the accreditation scope. The staff were interviewed and are knowledgeable of the methods they were assigned. The equipment is well maintained and is capable of producing the required results.

Our Transparency

ETR Laboratories strives to achieve the highest standards in our testing to protect the health and safety of families across the country. We maintain fully transparent testing and reporting operations.

Anyone with an interest in our certification or quality is welcome to drop by our Leominster laboratory and ask for a tour. You may also call us with any questions about our certification, standards, or testing procedures.