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The Dairy Scan from ETR Labs tests for bacteria commonly found in dairy products such as soft-serve ice cream, milk shakes and other milk products. Our tests include detecting coliform bacteria or determining the Aerobic Plate Count in samples of your dairy products. These are important tests to ensure that your food processing equipment and processes are sanitary and that your storage areas are preventing the growth of pathogens or bacteria.

Our fast service ensures that you can quickly address any shortcomings in your facility.
Our analysis is performed in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Local samples may be dropped off or we can pick them up for a nominal fee.


We recognize the urgency of quick turnaround times, therefore, most tests are performed within two business days and all reports generated can be mailed, faxed and/or emailed.
Testing is $50 per flavor plus sample pick-up charge, as applicable. For pricing on multiple samples per pick-up and other requirements, please call us now!


ETR Laboratories performs testing for Aerobic Plate Count and T. Coliform Count. In both cases, our tests are performed to standards from the Association of Official Analytical Collaboration International. These tests are essential to determine not only the health and purity of your milk supplies but also to determine if your food processing and storage arrangements are capable of preventing the growth of pathogens. ETR Laboratories will complete your testing quickly and rush the results to you so you know if you need to address your food processing or storage equipment or procedures. Please contact us to begin testing your dairy products.

Dairy products are not only nutritious for humans and animals, they also supply nutrients for all kinds of pathogens. The most common are Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli and Campylobacter. To ensure your dairy products are safe for consumption, look to ETR Laboratories for testing. We can test soft-serve ice cream, milk shakes and other milk products. Each flavor requires a separate test. Test results are usually completed in two business days and results can be emailed immediately. To initiate testing of your dairy products, contact ETR Laboratories.

For each flavor of dairy product you need tested, the cost is $50. If you need your sample picked up from our local area, there is an additional pick-up charge. For those businesses processing dairy products in our state, we have been certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for dairy product testing. We can quickly schedule pick-up and/or testing of your dairy products when you contact us. Special pricing for multiple samples is available.

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