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Well Chlorination KitWell Chlorination Kit

For Bacteria Removal

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  • FDA Approved Chlorination Agent
  • FREE Post Bacteria Test
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ETR Laboratories, Inc. is committed to helping you keep your water safe. We offer complete bacterial testing services to detect problems with your well water and chlorination kits to remedy these problems. We also offer free post-chlorination bacteria testing to ensure that treatment has been successful. Trust your water to ETR Laboratories!

When Chlorination is Needed:


There are a number of circumstances that can occur that require sanitation of the well for water to safely be consumed, such as:

  1. EPA recommends, at the very least, sanitizing your well once a year. This is needed to kill the buildup of whatever biomass has occurred.
  2. When testing is performed that suggests there is presence of any microorganism.
  3. Anytime the well has been flooded or overrun by surface water.
  4. When any work is performed on the well system, including plumbing repair, water filtration or treatment systems are installed, etc.
  5. If work is performed on a nearby septic system, or if the septic system is within 50 feet of the well system regular water testing with a following disinfection, may be necessary.
  6. If there is a foul odor, bad taste, or discoloration of the water.
  7. During the startup of a seasonal property.
  8. Illness in household.

ETR Labs offers complete bacterial water testing and chlorination kits to help you keep your water free from contamination.

Video Demonstration:

Do it Yourself Well Chlorination

All of the ingredients in this chlorination agent are FDA approved, and recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to be used to guarantee proper maintenance of your well at least once a year.


Our chlorination agent is not only more effective than the infamous method of “shocking” but is also safer. Many are misled to believe that a well system can be sanitized with household bleach, or swimming pool chlorine, neither are designed for this purpose. Bleach and swimming pool chlorine do not target the contaminated area, and are known to leave behind an odor as well as traces of a variety of elements, including some heavy metals.


A key factor in composing our kit to best suit the needs of our customers, was designing it to be used as a ‘Do it Yourself’ process. Our customers always have the option to schedule a well inspection and a cleaning with an ETR representative, but making our kit D.I.Y gives the public the freedom to chlorinate their well system at their ultimate convenience.


How to chlorinate your well using Environmental Testing & Research Laboratories Well Chlorination Kit:

  1. Remove well cap
  2. Pour Chlorination agent into the well, and rinse the sides of the well with a gallon of water to insure agent is properly dispersed.
  3. Put well cap back onto the well and make sure it is securely sealed.
  4. After about 14 days take a sample of your water using the post treatment bottle included in the kit and mail back (postage included) to ETR Laboratories for a free bacteria test!

NO Other Kit on the Market Includes This!

This kit includes the follow-up testing necessary to know if the treatment has been successful in its application:

A FREE Post Chlorination Bacteria Test!

In most cases no follow-up treatment is required. However, there are certain cases where it may take several (2-4) treatments to remove the microorganisms. For example, when there is a continuous inoculation of microorganisms into well due to structural defects, other measures will be required to eliminate the bacteria. Contact the experts at ETR laboratories if you find yourself facing such a situation.