Bacteria Testing For Water Wells

ETR Labs is committed to helping you keep your water safe, clean and healthy. We offer bacterial testing services to detect problems with well water and chlorination kits to remedy bacterial problems. Every bacterial elimination kit comes with a post-chlorination test kit to verify successful treatment.

Our Bacteria Testing & Cleaning Kit

  • Easy-to-follow directions
  • FDA-approved chlorination agent
  • Post-chlorination test included at no charge
  • Gloves


The EPA recommends annual sanitizing to kill any buildup of biomass. In addition, there are a number of other instances when you should sanitize your well, including:

When water testing shows the presence of any microorganism

If the well has been flooded or overrun by surface water

When any work is performed on the well system

When water treatment or filtration systems are installed

If work is performed on a nearby septic system

If there is a foul odor, bad taste or discoloration of water

During the startup of a seasonal property

If there is illness in the household


ETR Labs’ chlorination kit is safe and more effective than the infamous “shocking” method. Household bleach and swimming pool chlorine are not effective for eliminating bacteria from wells. They leave behind an odor as well as other elements you don’t want in your water, such as heavy metals.


We designed this to be an easy “Do-It-Yourself” process so you can chlorinate your well at your convenience no waiting for service personnel to arrive.


How easy is our chlorination kit?

  • Remove the well cap.
  • Pour the chlorination agent into the well and then rinse the sides of the well with a gallon of water.
  • Put the well cap back onto the well and make sure it is securely sealed.
  • Fourteen days later, take a sample of your water using the post-treatment kit included and mail back to ETR Laboratories for a free bacteria test. No other kit on the market includes this post-treatment test at no charge!

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At ETR Laboratories, we can test for 53 substances (our Basic Water Test), 113 substances (Premium Water Test), or 249 substances (Ultimate Water Test). The choice is yours. We can also test your well water for any one of 60 individual contaminants you might have concerns about. All our testing is done in our own state-of-the-art lab in Massachusetts. 

When you purchase one of our water tests, we will send you a test kit with complete instructions on how to take the sample. You mail that sample off to us in a prepaid package and you will soon have your results, accompanied by a phone consultation on the results, if you wish. Choose your test now at Water Tests.

There are many do-it-yourself tests available for the owner of a property with a well. These tests typically look for 20 or fewer contaminants. The most popular tests on the market omit such contaminants as arsenic (estimated to be present in more than two million wells), bromate or chloroform. All three of these contaminants are associated with an increased risk of cancer. Additionally, you are not able to zero in on any specific contaminants that you may suspect are present in your community. A water test from a professional lab enables you to get a complete test at a reasonable price. When you test your well water with ETR Laboratories, your test is accompanied by a phone consultation that can alert you to any important results you should pay attention to. This precision and additional service are not available with a do-it-yourself test. Help ensure the safety of your family and your property by trusting ETR Labs today. Contact us or visit our water test kit page to find the right solution for you. 

We can test for as many or as few contaminants as you want. Our most popular tests are the Basic Water Test for $129, the Premium Water Test for $225 and the Ultimate Water Test for $699. The Basic Water Tests looks for the 53 contaminants most commonly found in water supplies and the Ultimate Water Test is often chosen by those who wish to achieve complete peace of mind about the purity of their well water. Not sure which test is best for your situation? Visit our comparison guide [LINK] or contact us today to learn more.


Trust ETR Labs to provide the right products and tests to ensure pure, clean water for your family.

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