The Dairy Scan from ETR Labs tests for bacteria commonly found in dairy products such as soft-serve ice cream, milk shakes and other milk products.

Our analysis is performed in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Local samples may be dropped off or we can pick them up for a nominal fee.

Certified by the State of Massachusetts

ETR Laboratories is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for dairy product testing.

Our testing is performed to AOAC standards. Testing consists of the following:

  • Aerobic Plate Count (AOAC 989.10)
  • T. Coliform Count (AOAC 996.02)

Fast Turnaround

We recognize the urgency of quick turnaround times, therefore, most tests are performed within two business days and all reports generated can be mailed, faxed and/or emailed.

Testing is $80 per flavor plus sample pick-up charge, as applicable. For pricing on multiple samples per pick-up and other requirements, please contact ETR Labs at 800.344.9977.

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