Well Caps & Extensions

Ensuring your private well has a high quality and effective well cap is crucial to protect your drinking water from contamination. Only a well cap with a rubber gasket seal can guarantee that your will be free of infestation of insects, spiders, and small rodents. All of which will often easily find their way through a substandard well cap. Furthermore a good quality well cap reduces or eliminates airborne contaminants from entering the well. Below you will find information explaining other reasons to upgrade your well cap and include well extensions.

ETR's Premium Well Cap Kit

ETR's Premium Well Cap Kit

Choose the well cap below that most closely matches your current well cap to see how it is serving the needs of your well.

Dug/Shallow Well Cap


This picture is of a cap known as a sanitary seal. Typically used where there is a jet pump or suction pump in the basement, well house or similar. These can be a dug well or a drilled well. Dug wells routinely have many issues regarding contamination since their water source is surface water. The sanitary seal caps is intended to be use in subterranean situations. However any failure of this caps can result in surface water contaminating your drinking water. Your well should be routinely tested with our Health Scan. Watch for micro-biological and other contaminants common from surface water.It is probably wise to plan on replacing any dug well as soon as budget and time permit.You may find it advantageous to modify or replace a drilled will of this type with a modern drilled well. Modern well construction allows for a well casing that extends above the ground which ensure additional security from surface water contamination.

Temporary Cap


This is a samples of a well caps that are intended for temporary use. Ideally once the well pump is installed and the well is disinfected a permanent cap should be installed.

Because it does not have a seal around the top insects and small animals can enter the well. The inside of the well makes a warm shelter for these creatures. The result of their presence is unsanitary at many levels and can result in bacterial and other contaminants being introduced to you well.

It is recommended that a permanent well cap be installed as soon as possible. The ETR Premium Well Cap Kit is designed to provide an optimum solution that a modestly handy homeowner can install themselves.

Premium Cap


This is a high quality permanent well cap. ETR staff did significant research to determine what we believe is the best quality product made by an American company.

This cap is included in the ETR Premium Well Cap Kit. Not only does it provide a secure cap, but the cast iron construction means it will have a very long life. The plug on the top is easily removed for disinfecting the well.