Homeowner’s Water Supply

Public Water Supply

Many homes are supplied with public drinking water. Although these systems are regularly monitored at the treatment plant, most supplies are not tested at the customers point of use. Your water has to travel through a long line of pipes before it gets to your home and may be subject to contamination through cracks in pipes along the way. Public drinking water testing services help to improve the quality of the water coming through pipes. Things you should check your water for to ensure optimal quality include:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Bacteria
  • pH
  • Fluoride

Well Water Supply

Approximately 18.5 million private wells serve over 47 million U.S. residents. Federal agencies and states provide guidance on how to manage wells with little, if any, oversight.

The EPA recommends testing and chlorinating your well water, at the very least, once a year. the only way to know the true quality of your drinking water is to have it tested by a professional laboratory. Public drinking water testing services are readily available to consumers.

A properly functioning drilled well should be at least a foot of the ground with a tight sealing cap to protect the well from a possible invasion of surface water, insects, and rodents.