Water Test Kits by The Water Experts

We offer water test kits for both well water and city water. All analysis is done in house by experts in our state-of-the-art lab and comes with a free consultation to explain your results. Find out more about each of our water test kits below.

Standard Scan

To be approved for a home loan, you’ll likely have to test the water. If you’re only looking to qualify for a loan, this is the water test to buy.

This test can be used for:

  • Well water
  • City Water
  • VA, USDA and FHA loans
  • Title V loans


Get Results in Only 2 Business Days!

Comprehensive Scan

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a filtration system for your water — or you already have one and need to check its performance — this test will do the job.

This test can be used for:

  • Well water
  • City water
  • Determining if a filtration system is needed
  • Measuring the performance of the filtration system


Get Results in Only 2 Business Days!

Health Scan

If you would like a complete analysis of your water quality, this is the test for you. We also recommend it if it’s the first time you’re testing your water.

This test can be used for:

  • Well water
  • City water
  • Determining if a filtration system is needed
  • Monitoring the performance of the filtration system
  • Detecting contaminants that could cause illness
  • Identifying the cause of odor and slime
  • Running a complete microbiological analysis (quantifying of bacteria, fungi and yeast)


Get Results in Only 5 Business Days!

Why Use Our Tests?

We’ve been testing water for more than two decades. We’re very good at it. In fact, we’re so good, other companies send their clients’ water samples to us for testing. We conduct all our tests in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Massachusetts.

We also do local well inspections. Over the years, we’ve inspected thousands of wells. We’ve seen first-hand exactly how the contaminants we test for affect water quality.

This knowledge allows us to go beyond the numbers, and provide feedback unlike anyone else. Because of that, we offer free phone consultations to explain the results of your test, at no extra charge.

Our Water Testing Process


Select Your Test

Choose from one of our three water test kits, based on your particular needs.


Collect a Water Sample

Once we’ve received your order, we’ll mail you a kit that includes everything you’ll need to collect a water sample and mail it back to us.


Get Your Results

After we’ve completed the test, we’ll fax or email you the results and mail you a physical copy for your records. If you have any questions, we’ll set up a follow-up consultation by phone.

What Our Clients Say About Us

ETR Labs has always provided responsive, professional services whenever we’ve needed to test or disinfect our water well. And the turnaround is fast. Thanks for all your help keeping our water safe

M. Tayler

Thank you! What a quick response! Both getting the sample kit in the mail and the results! Great customer service!

R. Tenney

Thank you VERY much for the quick turn around on these results. We sent a sample to another lab a month ago and STILL have no report. I am very happy we had another sample taken and sent to you….Thank You again!

J. Bjork

Not Sure Which Test to Do?

We’ll help you figure out what’s right for you.

Statement of Confidentiality

No shared results. Our laboratory holds our clients privacy to the highest regard, your results and information will never be shared. Be aware that laboratories who report their laboratory certification ID number on your report may be required to report your results to various government agencies.